Peanut Ball Skills for Birth Workers Workshop

Tender Beginnings Birth Services and Expecting New Life Birth Services are having a Peanut Ball Skills for Birth Workers workshop,   Tuesday April 17th, at 1:30.  Enjoy a drive in the country to have a fun filled, educational afternoon with other … Continue reading

Midwives from Tender Beginnings at the Spinning Babies Workshop in Nashville.

We are constantly trying to fine tune and learn new skills.  Becca, Tanya (who helps us out occasionally) and I attended the Spinning Babies Workshop in Nashville.  It was a lot of fun to have the three of us together, … Continue reading

Postpartum Depression and Baby Blues – How to know the Difference

All of us at Tender Beginnings Birth Services,  love our clients and care about them far past their birth with us.  In keeping with our feelings,  one of our assistants, Jessica Caldwell created this blog post.  Jessica is more than … Continue reading

Yes! There are Benefits to Water Birth,…Let’s avoid a C-Section, episiotomies, epidurals and Pitocin…..

Water Birth Stories Tender Beginnings Tennessee

Earlier, I blogged about the safety of water birth. Now, let’s explore some of the benefits.  There are some sound scientific, physiological reasons why water works for labor and birth. The Main beneficial element of a water birth is increased … Continue reading

And the Doctor says “Water birth is not safe, all the research has proven it.”

As I am assisting an amazing woman with her birth in a local hospital, her doctor made several remarks about the need for this intervention or another intervention.    Supposedly the doctor had agreed to her birth plan and had agreed … Continue reading


        Our own Rebecca Hightower after years of hard work (while having her own babies)  has finished her required training and passed the grueling exam to receive her certification of CPM. A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) is a knowledgeable, skilled … Continue reading

Mary Anne is in Texas

My daughter is expecting our second grandson.   I will be in Texas attending to her and the Texas family.   We will resume regular office hours May  15th. While I am gone, the office will be open in Tennessee: April 20th … Continue reading

EXCITING NEWS!! the “STICK EM UP IV WORKSHOP” Has been approved for 4 hours CEUs by MEAC!

This class is focused on the tips, tricks and techniques to assist midwives in starting an IV and administering IV fluids and medications in the home setting.   The fee includes supplies,  handouts, and certificates for 4 MEAC accredited CEUs. Participants will … Continue reading

Born to Soon

We see very little preterm births in our practice. So,  I found it is shocking how badly the United States ranks with preterm births.  I found the page about what we can do to eradicate this epidemic interesting and wanted … Continue reading

Probiotics to reduce attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) including Asperger’s syndrome (AS

The researchers concluded “Probiotic supplementation early in life may reduce the risk of neuropsychiatric disorder development later in childhood possible by mechanisms not limited to gut microbiota composition.”

Beverly Conyers turns 90, our Office will be closed

In celebration of Beverly Conyers 90th birthday, Mary Anne’s mother, the offices of Tender Beginnings Birth Services will be closed Friday June 24th and of course the rest of the weekend as usual. The birthday celebration may be in a … Continue reading

Help welcome our newest team member, Jessica Caldwell!

Jessica Caldwell is a certified labor doula that has been serving the Nashville area since her certification in 2009. She began attending births as a mother’s helper at the age of 14, but it was her own journey into motherhood … Continue reading

New Office Number

After the move we have been challenged to figure out the phone system.   Long story short …we had to change to a land line.  Tender Beginnings New Office number is: 615 274 6631

Becca is Back!

After taking time off after her last birth,  Becca is back.   We are so excited to see her smiling face again.   Becca brings much to our practice with her experience as a NICU nurse,  previous assistant, previous office worker and … Continue reading

Vitamin K Controversy

We are in the process of editing our vitamin K handouts in response to the recent controversy surrounding vitamin K.   We are still in the investigation of the research at this time.  So, please look in the future for there to … Continue reading

A cool video about the developement of babies

This is a great video that explores the marvel of how we are made.   Enjoy!

Tender Beginnings now offers Newborn Hearing Screening!

We are excited to announce that Tender Beginnings now supplies Newborn Hearing Screening in the comfort of the newborn’s home or in our home/office.   We will be offering this service to any newborn babies in the central Tennessee area.   We … Continue reading

Tender Beginnings acquires the Fetal Doppler Transvaginal Probe

Although we do not require all our clients use the doppler for fetal heart tones, we at Tender Beginnings try to make available to our clients  the latest technology. In clinical trials the EchoHeart Probe detected the fetal heart tones … Continue reading

Making room for the baby!

Check out this site.  It makes it very real that the other organs are “smashed” as the baby grows.

Donations for Cord Blood

The State of Tennessee has adopted a law that requires health care providers inform their patients about cord blood donations.  Unfortunately,   I haven’t been able to find a facility that will accept cord blood from a home birth for the … Continue reading

Homebirth in the May addition of “Her” magazine!

Tender Beginnings Birth Services Testimonials Tennessee

So often when sharing my passion, … Birth…I talk to people about home birth.  It saddens me when they are unaware that home birth is possible in Tennessee or that it is safe.   So it does my heart good when … Continue reading

Active Moms Pursue Fitness – Bambino Brigade

We at Tender Beginnings encourage breast feeding and love to see our parents bonding with other parents with like philosophies.   Therefore, it is our pleasure to share with you some of the different groups where you can be healthy and … Continue reading

Vermont requires insurers to cover home births

Tender Beginnings Home Birth Services Nashville Tennessee

Vermont requires insurers to cover home births THE ASSOCIATED PRESS May 19, 2011, 11:43AM By LISA RATHKE MONTPELIER, VT. As a rural state with one of the higher rates of home births, Vermont will soon require private health insurers to cover the … Continue reading

Physicians can be a Blessing

Unfortunately in the “Natural Birth World” we hear an abundance of negative statements about the medical community, the horror stories.  And I have a few to share too.   But, there are times when we need the expertise and skill of … Continue reading

We can’t let private firms run midwifery

Tender Beginnings Home Birth Services Nashville Tennessee

We can’t let private firms run midwifery 9:33am Wednesday 18th May 2011 IT is with a great deal of dismay that I read in the Globe that the Wirral Primary Care Trust being given the green light for One to … Continue reading