Doula Services

We offer more than just Doula Services. Mary Anne is a monitrice.

A monitrice is someone trained in clinical skills related to childbirth, usually a registered nurse. This means that a monitrice will be an advisor for the expectant parents helping them to prepare for the birth. This does not include delivering the baby, which is the primary difference between a monitrice and a midwife. A monitrice will also usually be the first person contacted by the mother when labor seems to be beginning. A monitrice may monitor maternal vital signs including vaginal exams, fetal heart rate, membrane rupture, and the position of the baby, skills that are not performed by a doula. This prevents false labor hospital visits dramatically.

The main difference between a doula and a monitrice is that the monitrice has been given professional training in clinical skills related to childbirth, and is able to give medical evaluations in addition to all the skills of a doula. Mary Anne is the only Doula/Monitrice in the Central Tennessee area with the combination of certifications/licenses that include registered nurse, licensed/certified midwife, and emergency technician.

Services Provided

Mary Anne will be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the time your pregnancy reaches 37 weeks. She can be reached by a pager.

She will meet with Mother and any other persons Mother wishes, for educational purposes and explaining medical procedures.

She will meet a minimum of twice and a maximum of four times before the 36th week.

One of these visits should be with the Care Provider on a regular prenatal visit.

During these visits a birth plan should be compiled.

Provide labor support.

After the birth she will make at least one visit to answer any questions about the birth, help with breast feeding, or answer any questions about the infant care.

Labor Support

At the first sign of labor you should notify us regardless of the time of day. Mary Anne will be at your side to render support when ever you are ready for us to come. Normally we will come to your home and then travel with you to your place of birth. Also as part of our services she will stay with you until things settle down after the birth. During labor and birth she will perform massage and other non-Pharmacological pain relief measures, make suggestions in regards to changes in atmosphere/environment to facilitate birth, help support the partner so that they can love and encourage, supply emotional support and information on the progress of birth or any medical procedures that the staff are considering.