Holly Peckskamp

Holly is pursuing midwifery certification, attending home births and water births as a Tender Beginnings Birth Services team member. and with NOVA Birth Services.

Holly was introduced to yoga after her college basketball career ended and she was looking for a gentler form of exercise for her body. After years of practice she felt a desire to guide others, and started a teacher training program in 2007. Upon completing the program, she started teaching in several studios, but her heart always connected more to the science of therapeutic yoga and pre-natal guidance. Her focus became quite clear after the birth of her son in 2009. Although, she feels all birth is beautiful as is, her own birth story was not without several layers of fear. From the moment her son was born, she was determined to learn deeply about the connections between fear and birth. Her first step was becoming a labor doula. This path allowed her to become part of the joyful aspects of giving birth with support. It was life changing and life healing. In addition she developed a childbirth education course. Holly has attended over 50 births.


  • Neonatal Resuscitation