Home Birth Supplies

The follow items are necessary, however you are not obligated to purchase the exact items in the links listed here, they are provided for your convenience.

Items most likely already in your home
(necessary items)
Example Quantity Description
6 Absorbent bath towels
6 Wash cloths (two of which we will use bleach on)
4 Hand towels for the baby
12 Plastic Grocery Bags (to wrap up items after the birth)
1 TALL kitchen garbage can with trash bags (about a 20 gallon size)
3 Mixing Bowls 2-3 quart in size
1 Receiving blankets (bigger is better to swaddle)
Items you might have to buy
(necessary items)
Example Quantity Description
1 Electric Heating pad, This is used for warming the baby after the birth
1 Bleach. We only need 1 cup to clean OUR supplies
1-2 Thermometer NOTE: Thermometers for use in the ear do not work well for newborns. We stongly suggest “Vicks ComfortFlex” IT IS FAST AND ACCURATE
1 Straws or sports bottle
Items you most likely will have to buy
(necessary items)
Example Quantity Description
1-2 pkg Newborn size diapers with the cut out for the cord (If you already have diapers, they can either be cut or folded. Please get diapers with an INDICATOR STRIP.)
1 Rubbing Alcohol (smallest bottle you can find)
2 bottles Hydrogen Peroxide
3 bottles Sports drink such as: a Powdered Electrolyte Drink, Recharge, Gatorade, Pedialyte Pops
1 Peri Bottle (a squirt bottle that will be used to wash the vaginal area after birth). This is extremely hard to find locally. We suggest you order it here or from InhisHands.com
1 pkg Maternity Cold Pack Pads
1 pkg Sanitary/Maternity Pads: Hospital style/largest size. This is extremely hard to find locally. We suggest you order it hereor from InhisHands.com
40 Absorbent/Waterproof Underpads: X-LARGE approximately 23×36
1 Protective bed covering (Plastic mattress covers are available for purchase however a tablecloths with flannel on one side and plastic on the other are the best option.)
2 Oil – one for the perineum, unopened, and another for the baby’s bottom. Ex: sweet oil found in the ear section, almond oil. (Scented or a warming oil should not be used on the perineum.)
Items other clients found helpful
to have on hand for the birth
(optional items)
Example Description
Ibuprofen (NOT aspirin or acetaminophen, for after birth discomfort)
“After Ease” (for after birth discomfort)
2 large cups (or one bag) of ice from Sonic Restaurant (or an ice pack after birth)
Prune Juice (quick boost of iron / will also help with any constipation)
Massage Oil (may be scented and will be used on different parts of your body)
40 Disposable Stretch Briefs – many clients enjoy a “depends” instead of stretchy panties. Incontinace briefs
Please have ready:
A) The first outfit you wish to wear after the birth (including a pad and underwear or brief)
B) Someone (Adult) to help you for the first 24 hours. Hopefully someone who has not been up all night with you.
C) The first outfit you wish your baby to wear after the birth (including a diaper)
D) Food you would like to eat after birth (ready-to-eat or easily prepared)
E) The bed should be prepared in the following manner when labor starts:
1. Place a set of clean sheets on your bed (these should be the sheets that you wish to get into after birth).
2. Cover the clean sheets with plastic bed covering (tablecloths that are flannel on one side, flannel side up)
3. On top of the plastic bed covering, place another set of sheets on which you might labor/birth.
4. To protect pillows place them in kitchen size garbage bags, and cover them with a pillow cases
If using a tub:
Example Quantity Description
1 New Potable Water Hose
1 Adapter to attach garden hose to a faucet
1 Birthing Tub with sterile liner Buy or Rent
1 Air Pump to inflate the tub
1 Water Pump to pump out the water