Home Birth

A midwife  is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by pager/after hours/emergency number.  We limit our caseload of mothers due each month to assure that we can provide a good quality of service.

We will meet with you and any other people you wish for educational purposes and routine prenatal once a month until your pregnancy reaches 30 weeks, then every two weeks until you are 36 weeks, then once a week until the baby is born.  Most of these visits will be done in your own home.

During these visits we will discuss your birth wishes.

Services Provided at a Normal Prenatal Visit

  • blood pressure
  • measurements of your abdomen
  • checks for protein or glucose in your urine
  • monitoring weight
  • listening to the baby’s heart beat
  • laboratory tests
  • other treatments or procedures.

We will discuss your diet, exercise, rest and total well being.

We will provide total Postpartum Care.

Laboratory Tests

All laboratory tests for an obstetric patient can either be performed in our office or at a facility in near by. We do not routinely perform many tests.  Instead, we discuss tests normally done during the prenatal period and then perform test after you consent.   You may at any time request or decline additional laboratory test including an ultrasound.

Treatments & Procedures

Any treatments or procedures for the care of an obstetric patient can be arranged if needed through a consulting physician at their convenience. We are required by law to perform certain procedures. You may refuse any required procedures.


We will consult with an OB/Gyn if you have any indications of conditions to be out of the normal range. Due to restraint of time in an extreme emergency, we will proceed to the nearest hospital and obtain the services of the physician on call at that hospital.

Mary Anne has relationships with many midwives “CPMs” and doulas in the area who have supplied additional coverage in the past when Mary Anne or Becca were  not able to perform duties  (due to minor illness, death of a loved one, clinical schedule,  planned vacation, or more than one person birthing at a time).  These women are willing to do so if needed.

Our apprentices/assistants, will attend some prenatal exams and also possibly your birth. All of our assistants/apprentices will be certified in neonatal resuscitation. Only one assistant will be guaranteed  to attend your birth.  However,  the majority of the time we have a three person team taking care of your ever need during birth.

In addition to the above, the following have been procured to furnish services for your care: state regulated laboratory, and ultrasound facilities.