Donations for Cord Blood

The State of Tennessee has adopted a law that requires health care providers inform their patients about cord blood donations.  Unfortunately,   I haven’t been able to find a facility that will accept cord blood from a home birth for the purpose of donation.   Of course there are cord blood banks that will take your money to store the cord blood. 

 Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

In accordance with state law (TCA 68?32?105) health care professionals who provide health care services that are directly related to a woman’s pregnancy are encouraged to provide a woman with information on umbilical cord blood banking by the end of her second trimester. Pregnant women should consider contacting the organizations below for more information that will be helpful in deciding to participate in an umbilical cord blood banking program.

American Academy of Pediatrics (

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (

March of Dimes (

National Cord Blood Program (

National Marrow Donor Program (

US Department of Health and Human Services (