Client References and Reviews

These are actual clients who would love to tell you about their birth experience with Tender Beginnings Home Birth Services from all over Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Midwifery References


  • Courtney & Patrick Buckley (Huntsville AL)  256-777-0314      3 births with us
  • Gretchen and Ben Land 456-2340 (Pleasantville) 5 births with us
  • Amy and Eric Hamiter  569-1186  (Nashville)  2 Births with us
  • Jennifer and Matthew Griffin 519 4494  (Nashville)  2 births with us
  • Lindsey and Rob Hawkins 696 8304 (Nashville) 3 births with us
  • Angela and Adam Pace 975-5703 (Nashville)      2 births with us
  • Karina and Adam Beck 804-6356 (Nashville)    2 births with us
  • Anna and Adam Raines  901-326-9447 (Nashville) 2 births with us
  • Tammy and David Molnar 281-773-5822 (Nashville) 3 births with us
  • Anna and Chris Wilcoxson 519-8275 (Nashville) 2 births with us
  • Tonya & Danny Coker 773-4294 (Lebanon)             3 births, one breech
  • Tyroma and David Rigsby 504-9735 (Lebanon)      5 births with us
  • Carli and Adam Johnson 260-5335 (Smyrna)       4 births with us
  • Amber and Andrew Weber  228-238-0038 (Smyrna)  5 births with us
  • Molly and Luke Nemeth 962-5772 (Murfreesboro) 2 births with us
  • Marcy and Ron Depew 305-7755 (Murfreesboro)    3 births with us
  • Melissa and Brian Cline 618 534-8672(Murfreesboro) 2 births with us
  • Shian and Marcelo Diaz 713-9137 (Christiana)         3 births with us
  • Leigh and Gil Kentoff 794-8841 (Franklin)
  • Rebecca and Brian Unger 472-8996 (Franklin)
  • Joy and Peter Hayes 417 483 3364 (Franklin)    4 births with us
  • Susanne and David Banker 512-5006 (Franklin) 2 births with us
  • Courtney and John Moucka  425-6156 (Franklin) 3 births with us
  • Amy and Eric Workman 790-2287 (Franklin)         2 births with us
  • Heather and Noel Jones 943-2843 (Fairview)   3 births,  one set twins
  • Mickey and K.C. Jones 414-4982 (Spring Hill)         2 births with us
  • Brooke & Jeff Thompson 931-223-5521 (Spring Hill) 3 births with us
  • Susan and Greg Tipton 302-3349 (Spring Hill)        2 births with us
  • Temple & Brent Cundall 739-0403 (Spring Hill)      2 births with us
  • Sarah and Joe Pickering  (Spring Hill)                        2 births with us
  • Becca and Dave Hightower 615-934-3722 (Columbia) 2 births with us
  • Amy and Chris Thomas 931 490-9527 (Columbia)     2 births with us
  • Amanda and Phillip Dier  615 498-0688 (Columbia) 2 births with us

“I’ve delivered four children with Mary Anne. She and her team are extremely knowledgable and excellent at what they do!”  Ranay Byrd,  Nashville TN 

“I had two wonderful home births with Mary Anne and her team. Excellent prenatal care, wonderful birth experiences, and great follow up appointments. Mary Anne will treat you like family and act in your and your baby’s best interest. Having an experienced midwife you can completely trust makes labor and delivery so much easier. ” Anna Wilcoxson,  Nashville TN 

Incredible!! If you are looking for the best Nashville or Murfreesboro area midwife, Mary Anne and her team are amazing! I am currently pregnant with my second baby, during this and my first pregnancy Mary Anne was super patient and thorough with me and my husband as first time parents at each appointment. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and it is evident she loves what she does and truly has a gift. My birth was absolutely amazing: Mary Anne, Elise, and Maggie are just incredible at what they do and I can’t imagine a better team. We thank the Lord everyday for sending us to Tender Beginnings! Casey Smotherman, Mufreesboro

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Doula References

  • Dezarae and Keith Spacek 346-2216
  • Gayle and Stephen Masey 889-4083
  • Meagon and Jesse O’Quinn 497-5612
  • Jill Blevens 498-9665
  • Debbie and Stewart Winston 264-0922
  • Kristen and Jeremy Wiegle 264-9363