Sweet Bastille Murphy

Birth story: Sweet Bastille Murphy

When we found out we were pregnant, we were filled with all sorts of emotions, from joy to fear and everything in between! First of all, how to handle the pregnancy and birth as naturally as possible. Both of us have never much liked the hospital experience, and being mostly organic eaters & very health conscious people, we of course wanted the most natural and healthy approach to having and raising a baby. Looking for doctors and then midwives, we stumbled on MaryAnne, and Tender Beginnings. Upon our initial meeting we felt very comfortable and confident of this approach. And after our first few consultations, we were quite happy with our choice. Mary Anne was amazing, and so knowledgeable, guiding us through every month as we progressed. All questions answered, all fear replaced with confidence.

And then came the contractions! Christy went into labor on her due date, and everybody sprung into action. It was our first baby so we had no idea what to expect, but the girls were amazing, everyone was a pro, knew exactly what to do, exactly how to help and make it easy as possible. 8 hours after contractions began, our beautiful baby boy was born! 9 lbs, 2 oz and as healthy as can be!

Christy delivered at home, with no drugs, all natural just as Mother Nature intended, the way women have been doing it from the dawn of humanity. I was so proud of her, and to know that Mary Anne and the team from Tender Beginnings handled absolutely every aspect from prenatal through birth, and to see the beautiful outcome was truly amazing! It was also comforting to Christy that each of the women who were there to help her deliver, had several children themselves, something that helped Christy through the tougher moments.

A few of our friends have had children in the hospital, and in comparing stories, we are so grateful we went with Tender Beginnings! All future children of ours will be born through Mary Anne and the girls of Tender Beginnings! We wouldn’t consider any other way! Bastille is now 3 months old, we just went in to see his pediatrician, and she says he has developed to 4-5 months now, and his charts indicate that he is above average in size and ability, so he is doing fantastic! The “Creator” had a method, and had figured all of this out, and I feel that when you stay as true to the method as possible, it works out the best. I’m not against using medicine when in need, but if it can be done by the way of the “Creator”, there are more rewards, or at the least you find Mother Nature working as it is intended.

God bless the girls of Tender Beginnings, they are truly miracle workers!