Midwives from Tender Beginnings at the Spinning Babies Workshop in Nashville.

We are constantly trying to fine tune and learn new skills.  Becca, Tanya (who helps us out occasionally) and I attended the Spinning Babies Workshop in Nashville.  It was a lot of fun to have the three of us together, learning and practicing the techniques of Gail Tulley/Spinning Babies.  This class was taught by Tammy Ryan at Blooma.

We will be incorporating on a more constant basis some of the Spinning Babies Techniques and suggesting the prenatal exercises.  Although we have been using these techniques to some extent in our practice, we have never focused on the use of the prenatal exercises.  To this end we have purchased several of the “Daily Essentials” DVDs for our lending library for our clients.    Mac and Becca Spin Mac and Tanya Spin Becca Mac Tanya Spin Becca and Mac Spin