Reid’s Birth Story: Doula Client

On 2/19/20, at 4:30 AM I started noticing multiple contractions and was SO excited! I prayed that this was the real deal & that I would meet my baby so soon. By 5:30 AM I started timing contractions – 10 minutes apart! I’m in (super)early labor. I updated Mary Anne so she could be on stand by. At 2:00 PM, Mary Anne came over to check my dilation as the rushes got closer together – I was only 3 cm.. a little discouraging. Mary Anne went home & I continued laboring at home.

By 4:30PM rushes had gotten pretty uncomfortable – I had to really breathe through them – but they weren’t very consistent. I called Baby + Co & Mary Anne & they both told me to try to relax – make dinner – watch a movie & go to bed – baby would probably come in the middle of the night.

Baby had other plans – by 5:30PM we started the 1 hour drive to Baby + Co because I knew baby was really making his way down. We got to Baby + Co at about 7:30PM. The midwife checked me… only 4 cm. I was so sad. We (me, husband, Mary Anne) went to the birth suite where rushes officially started coming every 5 minutes – active labor! I labored on the birth ball, toiled, in the bed & tub.

Ate a snack – threw it up – then transition came. Oof. I was checked one more time at 7cm. I labored in the shower during transition. I sat under the rain shower head & Mary Anne ran the other shower head up & down my back. My husband and Mary Anne were there through every contraction. I had THE BEST support team. Eventually I requested to get back in the tub. Just a couple of rushes later and it was time to push. Yay!

After only 45 minutes baby made his grand entrance. My team was perfect – baby was perfect – all was well. Praise God for midwives, doulas, supportive husbands, and a perfect baby!

Birth is amazing!!!