My First Homebirth – Short but Sweet

On Thursday I was 40+3 with my 3rd pregnancy 1st home birth, and I went for a 5-mile hike through the woods with my family, just a normal day.

On Friday I woke up with some slight aches & pains, I just thought it was from hiking the day before. After running errands all day, around 2 pm I started timing these uncomfortable feelings. They were coming at a pretty consistent pace. I took a bath that night to help with the aches, I got out & went to go get dinner while my husband took care of our older 2 girls. When I got home I noticed the cramps were a little stronger, so I gave Mary Anne a call around 8 pm. She suggested that I call my mother-in-law to come to get my girls. So while we waited, my girls helped set up the birthing pool for me.

Around 9 I called again to confirm that the waves were getting stronger & closer together & they should head my way. Mary Anne, unfortunately, was unable to attend, but she sent Celesta who arrived at 9:50, then Holly at 10, then Isabella, & finally Jordan at 10:10.

A little time later I asked if I could get into the pool & they said yes. By this time, the waves were strong in my back & hips, so Holly gave me counterpressure. After about the 3rd time of counter pressure, I was in the process of taking my shorts off & felt the urge to push while the girls were getting things together. At this time it was 10:36, Celesta walked behind me & noticed that my baby was in the water. My husband picked her up as I finished taking my shorts off & got situated. It was the best birthing experience I could have ever had! I’m so thankful for Mary Anne & her team of amazing women.