Indigo, my First Home Birth

I personally had a great experience with Mary Anne and her assistants, Lindsay and Heather, for my daughter Indi’s birth. She’s my third child and this was my first home birth experience. My first two were born in a hospital with no problems, but after the second time around it hit me that I wanted to do this at home!- in the calm, in the familiar with our families able to come and celebrate her arrival, and let me tell you, it was wonderful. Here’s how it played out… I called Mary Anne early in the morn when I was sure I was in labor and notified her, then we planned for me to call back when things were intensifying. When I called her back less than an hour later, she could tell by my voice and that I was losing my breath that she needed to hurry over. Her assistant on call, Lindsay, came with her but Heather was closer so she called her and had her come over just in case. When they got here I was already in the bathtub in the thick of it, and they just got right to setting up and watching and checking with me….. it was so natural and as peaceful as that situation could be =). She never internally checked me, it wasn’t necessary, it was obvious I was in transition, and I just started pushing when I felt it. Mary Anne and Lindsay were leaning over the tub checking the baby as I pushed, and Heather got behind me so I could put my weight on her while pushing. Rob, my husband, was with the two in front because once the head and shoulders were out they let him basically deliver Indigo and put her in my arms. All in all, it was exactly as I would have wanted it, and I didn’t know even know exactly what to expect, but it was perfect and the aftercare amazing. Really. This may be too much information, but after the birth when I was having a hard time relaxing to urinate, Lindsay put the sound of dripping water on her iphone and left it in the bathroom with me… =) it worked. After this I layed in bed and relaxed with my family while my midwives took care of us. What a wonderful time to remember! I’m now six months pregnant with our fourth child and in the care of Mary Anne again. She is supportive, helpful, kind, and easy to be with. It’s exciting to be on this journey with the Tender Beginnings midwives again.

–Lindsay Hawkins