Who Claims the Day?

On November 1, 2001 I was induced to deliver my oldest son. I was 19, gained 70 pounds and was proud I had taken the opportunity to eat whatever I wanted when I wanted because I was eating for two. I received my epidural as soon as I felt the first contraction. I could not feel anything I was doing making pushing long and very exhausting. The doctor suctioned him out and he had to be put straight on oxygen and stayed in what I called the dome for 48 hours. I did not push him out fast enough which made him stay in the birth canal too long. I decided then and there I would no longer put myself in the position to have a baby I may endanger just because I was afraid of pain. I stayed in bed without seeing my baby because my back hurt so badly from the epidural, I also developed a fever which I think was stress related. I knew if there were any more babies in my future I would make different decisions. Noah is now 8, very smart and healthy!

When I became pregnant with my second child I decided to go to another hospital to receive more of an open mind with natural childbirth. I knew I was going to watch what I ate and drink lots of water. I was not going to gain as much weight this time. I wanted to get into my clothes sooner than a year and a half after delivery. The doctors and I corresponded little about this option. I think they thought I was joking and insane. Labor day came and I was asked over and over by my doctor to receive an epidural. I was allowed to sway back and forth by the bed because my IV drip of pitocin would not allow me to go much further and the doctors were so afraid the baby was going to fall out and hit the floor from what I could gather. Somewhere along the way around 8 cm I was told I had to lay still and not move during contractions due to drop in the baby’s heart rate. I immediately was in severe pain. I had made it to 8 cn, with pitocin, no pain meds and now I was having to be still. God helped me and I delivered her naturally. When opening my eyes I realized I was the star of the day. All the med students and every available person was observing without my knowledge due to my eyes being closed. So we all welcomed Gracie into the world. The next morning I felt wonderful, took another shower, put my own clothes on and enjoyed my new bundle. She is now 5, and singer and a diva!

I was blessed with a third pregnancy and began to pray for guidance as I stepped out in faith with not much support other than my chiropractor and husband to explore midwifery options. I found Mary Anne on the internet and set up a consult. I was working full time, taking care of two children and needless to say when she came to my house I forgot she was coming and was so embarrassed because my house was such a wreck. She didn’t even look at my house, she looked at me and with no words just hugged me. I knew immediately she was the kind of person I needed to hold my hand through this journey. We discussed my fear of too much weight gain and the fear I had of tearing due to the fact with the prior births I had been cut to a fourth degree. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, she helped me with my diet and I am proud to say I gained 40 pounds and carried this baby full term as opposed to giving birth at 38 weeks with the others while gaining over 40 pounds. We had a successful water birth, the lights were low with no unexpected visitors, and I could move as I pleased with full support mentally, emotionally and physically. The water was very calming, helping my body and mind to relax. I didn’t tear or have to be cut at all due to the help of the water, he weighed 9,2 with others weighing in at 7,11 and 7,14 proving the water makes a tremendous difference. I was dilated to 5 cm before I went into labor and had battled back and forth wondering if Mary Anne should break my water and get this show on the road so I cold get my penicillin due to being Group B Strep positive. We decided to take oral meds so they would be in my system and even though I was 5 cm Mary Anne assured me the baby would take a few hours to make an entrance so I would have time to get my IV antibiotics. Mary Anne also asked me the question “Are you going to decide your baby’s birthday or are you going to let God work His plan and claim this baby’s day?” I am very grateful God gave me Mary Anne to help me make the best decision and allow Mathan to be born the day after my birthday, such a gift, now 2 1/2. What a blessing. Through this labor and delivery I fully relied on God’s plan and not my own, for that I am eternally grateful.

I have experienced three different setting with my births. I can tell you hands down labor pain is something God made a woman’s body to handle. Let your body do what it was designed to do, allow God to claim your baby’s day and refuse to live in fear of the unknowns. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”