Physicians can be a Blessing

Unfortunately in the “Natural Birth World” we hear an abundance of negative statements about the medical community, the horror stories.  And I have a few to share too.   But, there are times when we need the expertise and skill of the physician.

I just spent time at Vandy two days in a row.  The day before that we had consults with specialists.  I was so pleased with the all physicians involved.  The “bed side manner” and knowledge of Dr Mary Anne Carroll and
Tiffanee Lenzi, M.D., Ph. D were extraordinary.

My client needed 2 liters of amniotic fluid pulled off of her filled to capacity uterus.   The increase pressure of the excessive amniotic fluid can cause several complications, premature labor or rupture of membranes, respiratory difficulties for the mother, and postpartum hemorrhage.  For the baby there are complications too.  Hydrops is a culmination of fluid in different areas inside of the baby’s body and pressure on the umbilical cord that might restrict blood flow are a few of these complications.

Determining the cause of polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) is a process of elimination.   The process of testing to attempt to rule out conditions that would cause the abundance of fluid, AFI (amniotic fluid index) of 56 has started for my client.   The AFI (a measurement of the fluid in the uterus) over around 24 is abnormal.   At this time we only have the four ultrasounds for information.  All the results of the blood work and testing of the amniotic fluid is still to come.

We may not know until the baby delivers the cause and she may need additional amniotic reductions.   Most likely she will delivery early.    But I feel very comforted to know she is in good hands.

This is a case where we are truly blessed to have compassionate, highly skilled and knowledgeable physicians in our area.