We can’t let Private Firms run Midwifery

We can’t let private firms run midwifery

9:33am Wednesday 18th May 2011

IT is with a great deal of dismay that I read in the Globe that the Wirral Primary Care Trust being given the green light for One to One Midwives to offer their services to the borough’s mums-to-be.

I am struggling to comprehend how Andrew Lansley’s bill to open up the NHS to “any willing provider” can be incorporated without yet being passed through parliament.

For anyone who has not yet heard of the bill it appears to be an attempt to open up the NHS to private companies without any safeguards for quality or control.

The BMA have said no and the nurses have voted no confidence in Andrew Lansley and the worst case scenario is that years down the line we will end up with American style healthcare and yet this bill still hasn’t been scrapped.

I wonder how many private healthcare companies fund the Conservative party? I am reliably informed their are several.

I would urge anyone who cares about their beloved NHS to write to the MP and express their concerns.

Jayne Green, Wallasey.